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Stucco Projects and ExterPro: The Perfect Combination

If you love the look of stucco and are looking for stucco installation services, or if the stucco on your home has chipped/cracked and you need stucco repair, you’ve come to the right place. As Cache Valley’s stucco experts, here at ExterPro we want to help you make an informed decision regarding your home’s exterior, which is why we’ve made this page to highlight the differences between our two primary types of stucco. Although there are differences between the two, you will get a beautiful, high-quality product in both cases! Do some research on your own or contact us to learn more about our stucco services in Cache Valley. This is your home, and our #1 priority is giving you exactly what you are dreaming of!

Stucco installation

Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)

Do you have a vision of exactly what you want? This system is the best choice when it comes to stucco installation for exterior cladding because it gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to design and other options. It also offers insulation value and moisture control. Looking for a valuable form of stucco installation that will keep on saving your money? With the EIFS system, air filtration through the walls of your home is minimized, resulting in a decrease of heat loss and a more manageable utility bill. With cold temperatures during the winter months in Cache Valley, it’s easy to rack up a large energy expense or bill. An exterior stucco finish can really help trap the heat that you are currently losing through your walls.

We stand by all of the products we use. We guarantee the quality and excellence of EIFS. Despite a lot of misleading and negative information about EIFS out there, many homeowners are raving about the many advantages and benefits of new application of stucco as well as renovated stucco projects. In fact, due to past concerns, the quality standards for EIFS stucco systems have improved dramatically. EIFS stucco applications have climbed to the top of the list of the best exterior stucco products; with its lightweight design, moisture control, and great cost benefits. If you think EIFS sounds like the right fit for you, give us a call!

Hardcoat Stucco Installation & Repair

If you are working with a smaller budget, hardcoat stucco may be the right choice for you. Using the Hardcoat stucco installation method gives you the great stucco look you love, but at a cost you can afford, while still offering high impact resistance. There are, however, some things to keep in mind with this type of stucco. Here in Cache Valley we have a large variation in climate (cold winters and hot summers) which can cause stress on walls with this type of stucco, occasionally resulting in minor cracks. These cracks will not decrease the quality of the stucco, and can be easily repaired with the right stucco repair service, but their appearance is not ideal. In short, if you want the most affordable product, while still looking professional, this is the right stucco for you.

Whether you want EIFS or Hardcoat stucco products, our knowledgeable team of experts is equipped and certified to install either product to your home. We understand that you have precise specifications for your projects, but for the projects that require an extra hand to complete, we’re here for you. Our hands-on experience and knowledge of these various stucco systems guarantees the successful and proper installation on your home or commercial facility. If these stucco product options sound right for your next stucco repair or stucco installation project, give us the call – we’re ready to get started!

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