Project Overview

ExterPro SoffitThese two projects were recent exterior home remodels. Both home owners were great to work with and as a result they both turned out great. On both of these projects we were able to incorporate stucco, rock, and repair the soffit and fascia.

What is the soffit?

Soffit is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of the roof that assists in ventilating the attic. Soffit plays an important role to help prevent moisture ExterPro Fasciabuild-up in your attic which may cause the sheathing and rafters to rot. If not properly maintained, small animals and insects can burrow into the cracks, holes and rotting.

What is the fascia?

Fascia is the front bard along the roof line. While it serves an important function in protecting your home from the elements, it can easily be damaged by moisture.

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