Annual Playhouse Giveaway

Cache Valley Home & Garden Show


We’re giving away a playhouse at this year’s Cache Valley Home & Garden Show! Fill out your information below to be entered for a chance to win!


    Do you own your home?

    Do you have exterior remodel or repair work they want to be contacted for?

    ¬†Here’s a look at the past years’ playhouses.

    home and garden show winner in 2023
    2021 exterpro playhouse giveaway
    2019 exterpro playhouse giveaway

    When: Friday March 25, 2022 10am-7pm / Saturday March 26, 2022 9am-6pm

    Where: The George S. Eccles Ice Center / 2825 N 200 E, North Logan, UT 84321

    Ticket Pricing: 13 years & older – $2.00 / 12 years & under – FREE