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What is Exterior Restoration?

Time can take its toll on a home, especially when you live in a place like Paradise, UT where you get just about every type of weather out there. Home exterior restoration is the process of repairing and/or replacing the existing elements of your home’s exterior to create a more durable and more attractive home. Exterior restoration is one way to add value to a home.

exterior renovation paradise ut

Why Choose ExterPro?

So you’ve decided that exterior restoration is right for you, now where do you begin? If you live in Paradise, UT or the surrounding areas of Cache Valley, the answer is simple: ExterPro. They are the exterior professionals here in the Valley. Whether you are looking for stucco, vinyl siding, stone, brick, or something else, ExterPro’s standard of excellence ensures that you will receive quality products and service from trained experts.

exterior restoration paradise ut
exterior renovation paradise ut

Our Services

stucco installation paradise ut

Stucco Installation Paradise, UT

We can install new stucco, as well as repair existing stucco. For the past 20+ years that we’ve worked in the exterior renovation industry, we’ve seen and worked with nearly every different type of stucco out there. We offer both Hard-coat and EIFS stucco products, in a handful of colors and styles. Stucco is a great great home exterior!

vinyl siding installation paradise ut

Vinyl Siding Installation Paradise, UT

Vinyl siding is widely popular not only for its appearance, but also because it’s affordable and easy to maintain. Vinyl siding has greatly improved in the last decade, and is now more durable and attractive. We’ll create a beautiful look for your home in Paradise, UT. We also work with fiber cement siding, an alternative to vinyl.

brick installation paradise ut

Brick Installation Paradise, UT

Nobody does brick installation in Paradise, UT better than ExterPro. We love the timeless, classy look that brick adds to a home. If you have old brick that has chipped or faded, our brick repair service can help get your home looking like-new again. We work with extreme attention to detail and precision, so you can trust ExterPro with your home’s brick exterior.

stone installation paradise ut

Stone Installation Paradise, UT

Like brick, stone adds elegance to your home’s exterior with a natural touch. With the beautiful hills and mountains of Paradise, UT as a backdrop, we love the look of stone on a home’s exterior. ExterPro is knowledgeable in the installation and repair in a variety of different types of stone, and will work with you to achieve the look you desire.

rain gutter installation paradise ut

Rain Gutter Installation Paradise, UT

The purpose for rain gutters is to protect your home from water damage by redirecting the moisture away from the siding of your home. ExterPro will ensure that your rain gutters perform their function, and also complement the appearance of your home. We have years of experience in rain gutter installation and rain gutter repair in Paradise, UT.

christmas light installation paradise ut

All Occasion Lighting Paradise, UT

One of our newer services, we’ve teamed with a company called EverLights out of Pleasant Grove, UT to install all-occasion lighting. They are LED lights that are permanently installed on your roof, virtually-invisible during the day, and can be controlled from your smart phone to display a wide variety of colors and patterns.

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We’ll work closely with you from the initial planning stages to the end of construction to make sure you get exactly what you are hoping for. Give us a call at 435-757-2990 or send us a message here on our website to get started. We’ll look over your request and get back to you as soon as possible. We are excited to get started on making your dream home a reality here in Paradise, Utah!

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