Brick Installation & Repair

Add durable beauty to your home with our brick options
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Brick Installation and Repair

Brick is a popular exterior option, and has been for decades. It is a timeless, traditional look that gives any home or building a feeling of elegance and strength. If you are looking for brick installation in Cache Valley, ExterPro is the right team for the job. Our expert bricklayers have years of experience working with brick, and can give you exactly the exterior you want. Brick can be used as an accent or as the primary siding. 

Like all exterior siding, brick is not immune to the wear and tear that Cache Valley weather creates over time. Here at ExterPro, we also offer brick repair services. If your brick exterior has been chipped, cracked, or blemished, we can replace the damaged bricks to help restore the appearance of your home or office.

To learn more, contact ExterPro today and schedule an assessment for brick services in Logan, UT and the surrounding areas! 

Professional Brick Restoration in Logan

Often times, brick repair projects extend beyond the simple brick and mortar to the other components like your interior doors and windows. Our brick restoration experts are skilled in replacing the steel lintels that are used to surround an opening in the brickwork. If an interior door or the surrounding brick is damaged, it’s crucial to hire a contractor who understands the unique challenges that brick can present. Depending on the damage and age of the masonry, brick restorations may require custom mortar mixes, brick replacement, or tuckpointing. When it comes to replacing brick, it’s sometimes necessary to use reclaimed bricks or chemically analyze the composition of the mortar so that it can be recreated using the same color, texture and size. All in all, when it comes down to it, experience really does matter when restoring brick on your home or office building in Logan.

Contact ExterPro today to discuss the endless exterior brick repair and finishing possibilities for your home. Serving Logan & all of Cache Valley, UT: (435) 890-4446