All-Occasion Lighting

Virtually invisible lights that stay up all year long

With all-occasion lighting, you’ll never have to get on that cold, slippery ladder to install Christmas lights ever again! We purchase our lights from EverLights, a company based out of Pleasant Grove, UT, and then we take care of all the installation. These lights are controlled at the touch of a button from your mobile device. With different colors and display patterns to choose from, these lights are perfect for every season and ever holiday. Watch this video to see how they work!

cache valley christmas light installation

One-time installation

No more ladders. No more snowy roofs. The professionals at ExterPro will install your new EverLights effectively and efficiently. These lights are easy to install, and only need to be installed once – then you can enjoy them for years to come! These LED lights are very energy efficient, and can be powered at about one penny per hour.

Control from your phone

You have complete control of your all occasion lights from your pocket. Using your smart phone, you can customize the color and patterns from the custom sequence builder inside the mobile app. You can also schedule sequences into a calendar that will automatically activate. Finally, lights that are good for way more than just December. Go ahead and program some red, white, and blue lights for the 4th of July, something spooky for Halloween, and something different for the kids’ birthdays – all from your phone!

permanent christmas lights in utah controlled by smart phone
christmas light installation logan utah

Beautiful at night; near-invisible during the day

You won’t need to worry about having tacky lights on your roof during the day with these all occasion lights. They are virtually invisible when you want them to be, and beautifully classy otherwise.You’ll be amazed at how these EverLights will increase the curb appeal of your home in Cache Valley and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready to have Christmas lights installed in Logan for the last time? Give ExterPro a call and we’ll come install some new EverLights on your home. This is the most valuable Christmas light installation Logan UT has to offer. Check out the EverLights website to learn more about this high-quality product. We look forward to getting started!

Light up your home!
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